Add User in Crunchbang Linux

Add User in Crunchbang Linux

  • Open a Terminal session and issue the “groups” command to determine what services the current User has access to – jot them down.
  • In the Terminal session, issue the “adduser” command, replacing “xxxx” with the actual username to be added.
    sudo adduser xxxx

    Respond to the ensuing prompts as appropriate.

  • Now add the services to the new user’s profile – for example…
    usermod -a -G cdrom,floppy,sudo,audio,dip,video,plugdev,netdev,bluetooth,cbnetwork xxxx	
  • Now add the new user to the sudoeres file.
    gksu geany /etc/sudoers

    Scroll down to the line that reads “root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL” and add:

    xxxx ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

    Where “xxxx” is the new username. Then save and end.

  • Log out and then log in as the new user. The “cb-welcome” script will run on your inital log in. No need to go through that again, so just quit it.

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