Every six months there is a new release of Ubuntu. I tend to upgrade (or clean install) these new releases as they come out. The process takes less than a half hour. However there are customizations that I need to do to make my PC’s function the way I want. These How-to’s document for me those additional steps – thereby saving me the time otherwise spent researching the Web for the forgotten solutions every six months or so.

Consequently, the How-to’s presented here will be more like a cookbook recipe – illustating “how to do it”. Generally there will be links to the Web pages that explain the topic in more detail. (I don’t intend on reinventing the wheel.)

Some of these How-to’s will represent things that I have built for myself, in which case I will try to offer a more complete explanation.

Hopefully you will find these pages useful, and that they will make your experience with Ubuntu more pleasurable.

December 31, 2012

I’ve switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint. In my opinion Linux Mint provides a better straight out of the box experience than Ubuntu. Since Linux Mint is an enhanced version of Ubuntu, these Ubuntu How-to’s should (do) work for Linux Mint as well.