Copy Bootable Flash Drive

In order to clone / copy a Bootable Flash Drive to another Drive requires modifying the Master Boot Record of the Target Drive. Here’s how.

  1. Plug the Target Drive into a USB port and determine the Target Drive’s location / device id by opening a Terminal Session and keying in:
    fdisk -l

    The resulting display should have text like “/dev/sdb1” associated with the Target Drive.

  2. Ensure that the Target Drive is formatted as FAT32 – use GParted to do this.
  3. Make a “/boot/syslinux” directory on the Target Drive.
  4. Make the Target Drive bootable by issuing the following command:
    syslinux --directory /boot/syslinux --install /dev/sdb1

    Modify the “/dev/sdb1” text to be the actual location / device id of the Target Drive.

  5. Now copy the contents of the Source Drive to the Target Drive.