Text Search in Xubuntu

The default file/text search tool in Xubuntu is “catfish”. Catfish is a GUI to various file/text search engines. The default configuration of “catfish” does not provide text string searching capability however.

The GNOME Search Tool provides both file and text searching capabilities.

So the first step is to install the GNOME Search Tool. Just launch the Ubuntu Software Center and type “gnome-search-tool”, then install it. Or launch the Synaptic Package Manager, or open a Terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install gnome-search-tool
The XFCE / Xubuntu File Manager Thunar can be configured to use the GNOME Search Tool. Open Thunar:
  • click “Edit”
  • click “Configure custom actions…”
  • click the green plus sign to add another custom action
  • fill in the dialog box that opens:
    • Name: File and text search tool
    • Description: GNOME Search Tool
    • Command: gnome-search-tool –path=%f
  • click the “Appearance conditions” tab and check “Directories”