Adding Documents and Photos to a WordPress Page

Note: Word documents must first be converted into PDF format in order to be displayed by a WordPress web page. Documents in Word format, e.g. *.doc or *.docx, will typically be downloaded as a file instead of displayed on your screen.

Initiate a WordPress edit session on the WordPress page that will house the link to the Word document.

Place your cursor in the exact spot on the page where the document link will reside, Then click the “Add Media” button located on the left just above the Wordress editor toolbar.

Drag and drop the documents into the box that appears on the pop-up page. Then click the “Insert” button” in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up page. WordPress will automatically upload the document into its Media Library and create the document link for you at the spot where you place your cursor.

Bose Solo 5 Owner’s Guide

Here is a link to the same document but in its own browser tab: Bose Solo 5 Owner’s Guide