Gun Control

Q: What exactly is an Assault Weapon?
A: A lethal looking semi-automatic gun. Really! The term “Assault Weapon” is based on cosmetics not functionality, nor lethality.

Q: So why does the term “Assualt Weapon” (AW) exist, and more to the point, why are there laws banning “Assault Weapons”?
A: The “AW” term came about in 1989. It was devised by gun control activists as a means to further the banning of ALL guns – in effect abolishing the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. In other words it is a ploy by the anti-gun lobby to deceive the American Public by commingling Assault Rifle with Assault Weapon.

Q: So what is an “Assault Rifle”?
A: All ” Assault Rifle” have one thing in common, they are fully automatic, i.e. machine guns. Machine Guns have been banned from civilian ownership / use since 1986.

Once the anti-gun lobby got the “AW” term introduced into the common vernacular, they were able to get a Federal ban instituted on September 13 1994 – the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). (Note that in order to get enough votes to pass the legislation into law, there was a 10 year time limitation. The Federal ban ended in 2004. Some States have their own “AWB’s”.)

Q: Is the AR15 (the civilian version of the Army’s M16) an “Assault Rifle”?
A: No, the AR15 is a semi-automatic, i.e. single shot (one pull of the trigger, one bullet fired) rifle. Most weapons sold today are semi-automatics, whether a hand gun, shot gun or rifle.) “AR15” is a model name, it stands for Armalite {project} 15. (Armalite was the firearms company that designed the AR15. It went out of business and Colt acquired it and the rights to the name.)

Q: Are AW’s responsible for a significant amount of murders in the US?
A: No, AW’s have been used only 0.6% of the murders committed in the US since 2004. Consider that there have more than 3.3 million AR15’s sold in the US between 1986 and 2009.

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