Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht Game Rules

Single Die Game Rules

Object of the game is to be the first player to get all their tokens out of their “home base” (B) and into their “safe zone” (the 4 circles “a”, “b”, “c”, and “d”).

Using a single die, a player must roll a 6 to put a token in play on the board. If a player has no tokens in play, the player may roll the die 2 times to try and get a 6.

After rolling a 6 and moving the token to the starting circle (A), the player rolls the die again to see how far to advance their token. The player cannot leave their token on the (A) circle if possible.

Whenever a player rolls a 6 they must put another token in play if possible.

Only one token may occupy any circle on the board. If the active player’s token lands on a circle occupied by another player’s token, that other player’s token is “kicked off” and returned to its “home base” (B). The active player then rolls the die again.

At any point in the game, if the active player cannot move, their turn ends and play proceeds to the next player. 

The first player to get all their tokens into their “safe zone” wins. The die count can be more than the number of moves needed to get a token into the “safe zone”. If a player cannot move their token to an unoccupied circle in the “safe zone”, play passes to the next player.

Two Die Variation

If a player has two or more tokens in play, the player may use the spot count from one die to move one token and the spot count from the other die to move another token.

If one die shows a 6 the player must put a token in play if possible, and then moves that token using the other die’s spot count.