OpenDNS Family Shield

Protect your devices and your home network from malicious websites by using OpenDNS’s domain name servers.

The Internet is like a telephone system. All websites have a numerical address (think telephone number), e.g., called an IP address. Domain Name Servers are like telephone directories used to translate a website name, e.g. , into its respective IP address, e.g. Your devices use these IP addresses to connect to websites.

OpenDNS servers block and screen out malicious websites. Any device or network using OpenDNS servers will not connect to these malicious sites. Instead, OpenDNS will return an error message.

To protect your iPhone or iPad from accessing malicious websites when using Wi-Fi you need to change the DNS servers that your device is using. Here is how:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Touch Wi-Fi then touch the little “i” at the right.
  3. Scroll down to “Configure DNS and select “Manual”.
  4. Select “Add Server” and enter the IP address “”. Repeat this step to add a second address “
  5. Delete any IP dresses that appears above the two adresses you just entered.
  6. Press “Save” in the upper right hand corner and exit Settings.
  7. Launch Safari and go to to confirm that your device is now protected.

With this change, your iPhone / iPad will be using OpenDNS’s FamilyShield domain name servers when connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi. Note that you must configure the Wi-Fi DNS IP address for each Wi-Fi netwok your device connects to. This only has to be done once per Wi-Fi network.

For more information visit Here you will learn how to protect your home network, by using OpenDNS Home service to configure your Router / Gateway, and how to verify that you are using OpenDNS’s domain name servers.

OpenDNS Family Shield domain name servers are and

OpenDNS Home domain name servers are and